Life Guard 6,500,000* Stun Gun

Life Guard 6,500,000* Stun Gun


 In the midst of the rising tide of violent crime, you can trust the “Life Guard” to protect you! Although this is our lowest priced Streetwise Stun Gun, it is loaded with great features and packs a powerful punch! Its ergonomic design allows you to wrap your hand completely around the rubberized unit for a firm grip that feels natural in your hand. Although it looks similar to our Life Guard 2500 the 6500 model features a brighter LED light, disable pin, slide out charger, and a much stronger stun. The stun is so powerful that it has been awarded our Top Gun Certification for being the strongest mini stun gun!

Important: Please don’t confuse our Streetwise Life Guard 6500 with other models that look similar. Some of the other models are plastic and have a very weak electrical charge and light. Once you experience how good our rubberized unit feels in your hand and compare the electrical charge, you will be shocked by the difference!


  • Powerful Stun: Just test firing this unit into the air is often enough to stop an attacker. As the